Product Name: Goldline

Product Category: Serveware

Finish Options: Mirror

Product Specifications:

Thickness (mm) Length (cms)
Oval Spoon 2.0 25.4
Serving Spoon 2.0 25.4
Slotted Serving Spoon 2.0 25.4
Multi Spoon 2.0 25.4
Spaghetti Server 2.0 24.1
Turner 2.0 25.4
Fork 2.0 25.4


Hand Washing is always the best and safe method to wash the cutlery. It reduces the excessive contact of water with the cutlery thereby reducing the chances of corrosion. Use detergent in adequate quantity, Rinse the cutlery and dry it.

While washing in a dishwasher, keep the knives in a separate partition than the spoons and forks. This will prevent scratches. Remove the cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the dishwasher has finished washing the cutlery.

Take a piece of soft cloth and wipe the surface of the cutlery properly. This will remove the stains of water from the surface of the cutlery and give it a shiny and a clean look.